Due to the nature of dynamic websites we had to adjust several procedures to get around the “403 Forbidden” error while trying to download. Although we think we have finally eliminated the error now, please tell us if you encounter any more problems.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


Update 16.09.2016: Once again we had to get our hands dirty. The new patch is coming live this evening, hang on. Also we’re gonna prepare a complete new interface (website) here to get things more straight forward. You may take a sneak peek at https://beta.windowsiso.net shortly (wait for our official announcement).

Update 10.09.2016: Patched again 😉

Update 24.08.2016: We’re adjusting our magic formula once again, stay tuned! Done, everything back to normal 🙂 Actually because we have to fix something means Microsoft changed something on their side. Its a timeconsuming process, sorry.