It seems that Microsoft pulled the plug on techbench and makes it impossible for users to download previous releases of Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. We do not know why Microsoft decided to go this way but we’ve already adjusted our scripts so even though techbench is offline you can continue to download your required images as always. As we do not know how long Microsoft decides to take off Technet we’re preparing a complete mirror for all ISOs available on a server managed by us. This will take some time and we will keep you informed about further steps taken.

[UPDATE 01.08.2016] #1: Microsoft pulled the plug for the original Windows sources. We’re already working on a fix.

[UPDATE 01.08.2016] #2: We’re glad to announce that we have a shortterm solution for the missing techbench downloads. We’re preparing a complete mirror ourselfes now.