It came to our attention that Microsoft released updated Windows 10 ISO files but by today decided to remove the official download links and thus making the downloads unavailable to the public. There were many work-arounds to get the most recent ISO files with the Media Creation Toolkit but all of these have been removed. As we try to aim for gold we’ll provide the Windows 10 TH2 ISO Download updated files shortly 🙂


We’re currently updating our Windows 10 scripts which should be done shortly.


We’ve successfully prepared the Windows 10 TH2 (Threshold 2) ISO Images for you in a new section which you can find here: Windows 10 TH2 Download.

Currently we’re working on providing the other images:

  • Windows 10 TH2 KN
  • Windows 10 TH2 Single-Language


We had a small error in our download-script. All standard downloads should be working as expected now, sorry for the inconveniences.


We’re happy to announce that the Windows 10 TH2 N Edition is ready to be downloaded!


Microsoft changed something so we had to adjust. Again, sorry. It is out of our hand if they think they want to change their code 😉 Links are working again. Next are the Single-Language images and the Korean N Versions.


Windows 10 TH2 KN ISO images are available for download now. These include:

  • Win10_1511_KN_Korean_x32.iso (ko_windows_10_n_multiple_editions_version_1511_x86_dvd_7223941.iso)
  • Win10_1511_KN_Korean_x64.iso (ko_windows_10_n_multiple_editions_version_1511_x64_dvd_7223937.iso)


Windows 10 TH2 Single-Language Download is now ready for everyone.

All Windows 10 Threshold 2 downloads are available by now, enjoy!